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Trends is the oldest, continuously published society and lifestyle publication in Arizona.



Meet the Publisher

As the owner of Trends Publishing my time is devoted to publishing Trends Magazine, the oldest, continuously published society and lifestyle publication in Arizona. Its graceful evolution has always stayed true to original mission - to entertain and inform the Valley's affluent readers.

Trends embodies the lifestyles and tastes of this consumer group and covers all topics of relevance to them, through the discriminating eye of luxury. From fashion and architecture, to philanthropy, culture and where they shop and dine, our readers seek only the finest. They have earned the benefit of choice, and trust Trends to steer them to superior levels of quality, style and integrity. 


Editor-in-Chief | Betty McRae

Travel Editors | Lauren & Ian Wright 

Food Writer | Laurie Florence-Manucci

Advertising Manager | Patrice Metzler

Executive Consultants | Trisha Anthony | Suzanne Eder | Heather Morrision

New York Correspondent | J.J. Buchanon

Los Angeles Correspondent | Jennifer Bentley

Art Direction | Stephanie Sweet, Sweet Designs

Fashion Photographer | Scott Foust Studios

Senior Society Photographers | Peter & Sally Krzykos

Trends Makeup & Hair Stylist | Laura Flagler | Karen Hall | Mary Beth York

Lifestyle Editor | Barbara Kaplan

Fashion Editors | Samantha Derose | Heather Wagenhals

Society Editors | Carol Bennett | George Bennett | J.J. Brewer | Grace Carpenter | Veronica Cook | Maya Fox | Rhonda Kretchmar | Gail Littleton | Michelle Rooney | Kathy Scheib | Bob Stearns | Nicole Stearns | Sheree Twitty
Certified Public Accountant  | Thomas S. Holly, CPA, PLLC

Printing | Print Media
Information Technology | Ben Ames

Music Production | Chris Beckley/The Production Group
Fashion Coordinator | Margaret Merritt

Website | Nikki Balich

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