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Heart to Heart Inner-View with Bud Selig

Bud and Sue Selig graciously welcomed me into their home. We chatted surrounded by their unique art collection as they shared their lives with me. Both Sue and Bud were born and raised in Milwaukee where they still have their primary residence. They first met in high school and a few years later met again … Continue reading “Heart to Heart Inner-View with Bud Selig”


Heart to Heart Inner-view

PAT McMAHON Pat McMahon is an award-winning icon in the Valley. Pat has shaped fun and happy unforgettable memories in the minds of thousands of children while growing up watching and attending the longest running kids show in television history, The Wallace and Ladmo Show (between the years of 1954 -1989). McMahon joined the show … Continue reading “Heart to Heart Inner-view”

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