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Questions for Sandy Hobbs

  How was PANDA founded? PANDA was founded by Robyn Debell and Penny Gunning following the loss of a friend’s child to a fatal blood cancer. Twenty years ago, they realized that funding children’s medical research would impact not only children in Arizona, but around the world.   How are you celebrating PANDA’s 20th anniversary? … Continue reading “Questions for Sandy Hobbs”


Trendy Reading

TRENDY READING Mr. S, My Life with Frank Sinatra By: George Jacobs In 2003 the 15-year valet to Frank Sinatra wrote a tell-all book about his former employer and their non-stop ring-a-ding-ding lifestyle they shared together from 1953 to his dismissal in 1968. Mr. Jacobs is fired for dancing with Mr. Sinatra’s third ex-wife, Mia … Continue reading “Trendy Reading”

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