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Book by Jana Bommersbach

Acclaimed best-selling author and speaker Jana Bommersbach, has done it yet again. When we last visited with this great author, she was about to release Funeral Hot Dish. The book received high marks from countless literary agencies throughout the country last fall. The first book in this new series, is connected to the underworld of Phoenix drug lords and a small town in North Dakota. In her second in the series, thedeadgirlinthevacantlot, we are rejoined with the first story.
Phoenix investigative reporter Joya Bonner, who previously cracked the case in Funeral Hot Dish, has returned to the Valley where she dispenses her sharp detective knowledge
and wit. This time we are taken to the underbelly of society in a circle of sex trafficking and mass corruption. Joya is now in hot pursuit of any evidence she can find to link her missing 15-year old honorary niece to another case of a missing teen back in her home town in North Dakota.
Like Funeral Hot Dish, thedeadgirlinthevacantlot is full of spine-tingling twists and drama that make it not only an excellent read but a very tough book to put down. Jana Bommersbach delivers another true great detective novel. Although the characters, with the exception of two, are fictionalized; you will immediately recognize vast similarities with many famous Phoenicians. Do not miss this book.