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The Sixties, A Decade in Vogue – Edited by Nicholas Drake

Reviewed by Bill Dougherty

Long ago and far away back in the 1960s, Vogue Magazine was a true literary force in the publishing world. Long before its editors viewed themselves as celebrities and long before the magazine filled its pages with pabulum and silly and often annoying fashion shoots, Vogue was it!
With television still in its infancy in the 1960s, the United States and the world still relied heavily on print media for the majority of their news, fashion and literary works. Although Life Magazine was considered the “go-to” publication of the time, Vogue Editor-In-Chief Diana Vreeland would turn her publication into one of the most talked about magazines in the world and the most respected.
This rich trip down memory lane is packed with more than 200 color and black and white fashion photos, groundbreaking interviews, the arts, high society and celebrities galore. Photos and text from some of the most famous photographers in the world including: Richard Avedon, David Baily, Cecile Beaton, Helmut Newton Snowdon, Bert Stern and dozens more just like them are found in the truly delicious coffee table book. Sadly once you finish the book and pick it up again and again you say to yourself “what happened?” How could something that was once so incredible turn into something so vapid.

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