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Funeral Hot Dish by Jana Bommersbach

Reviewed by Bill Dougherty
It’s no secret that Jana Bommersbach is one of the most gifted and awarded writers in the state of Arizona. Her life as an investigative journalist has made her a true force on not only a local level, but as an internationally bestselling author as well. Her newest creation won’t disappoint.
Set in Phoenix and a small town in North Dakota, reporter Joya Bonner is in hot pursuit of a juicy mafia story that is certain to be the scoop of her career. Yet before she knows it two worlds that could not be more different are about to collide and sweep her into a tornado of organized crime, Midwestern values, murder, revenge and violence.
This novel is meticulously well written. But that should be no surprise to anyone familiar with Ms. Bommersbach’s writing style. All I could think of was famed police officer turned mystery writer Joseph Wambaugh when I was reading Funeral Hot Dish. However, once I finished this great book I realized that even Jana Bommersbach has eclipsed the great writer. You won’t be able to put it down.

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