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Mr. S, My Life with Frank Sinatra

By: George Jacobs

In 2003 the 15-year valet to Frank Sinatra wrote a tell-all book about his former employer and their non-stop ring-a-ding-ding lifestyle they shared together from 1953 to his dismissal in 1968. Mr. Jacobs is fired for dancing with Mr. Sinatra’s third ex-wife, Mia Farrow, at the famed Daisy nightclub.

The book explores Frank Sinatra’s errand boy relationship with Ava Gardner (the one that got away.) We learn that much of what has been said about mob boss Sam Giancana, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and the Cal-Neva Lodge are all probably true. Platinum Starlet, scratch golfer Jeanne Carmen was Marilyn Monroe’s best friend. She is terminally ill during the production of this book, and helps Mr. Jacobs spill the beans on everyone associated with Frank Sinatra. Ms. Carmen herself claims she was run out-of-town by the Kennedy’s after the untimely death of her best friend in 1962.

What most people who followed Frank Sinatra don’t realize is that George Jacobs secretly remained close with Frank’s mother, Dolly Sinatra, who perished in his Lear Jet in a 1978 accident and Nancy Sinatra Sr. Nancy was the ex-wife, mother of their 3 children and best friend of the icon. He is terrified of both his mother and ex-wife and craves their total approval in everything he does. For the next two decades, the mother and ex daughter-in-law feed Mr. Jacobs all kinds of ongoing family scandal in the duel Sinatra households of Palm Springs and Beverly Hills.

For some reason when this book was released, it didn’t become a best seller. After you read it you wonder why. No other person in Mr. Sinatra’s life was closer to the iconic crooner than George Jacobs and none has more to say. Enough said.


Tastes & Treasures Vol 1 & Vol 2

By: The Historical League

If you grew up in Arizona or just recently moved here, these two offerings produced by the Historical League are sure to please. The first book, written in 2007, became a smash hit with epicureans throughout Arizona and the world. The old west culinary delight did so well, that the league decided to put together another book, written in late 2018.

The first volume explores the countless chefs, restaurants and families that put Arizona on the map. Rich with the heritage and legacy that has made our state so iconic, volume 2 offers even more stories from iconic families who helped to build the state’s greatness. Many recipes were passed down through generations.

Included are fine culinary treats from the likes of Eddie Davis (mother of Nancy Reagan,) Sallie and Frank Brophy, John Driggs, Eddie Basha, Paul Fannin, Peggy and Barry Goldwater, Rose Mofford, Kax Herberger and countless other empire builders of Arizona.

Whether you enjoy occasional cooking or grand style entertaining, both books are exceptional and easy to follow. The recipes included are simple, yet rich in flavor, heritage and the history that makes our state so great. The success of the first cook book was so immense that a second was produced to start where the first left off in 2007. While it may not be essential to own both, we highly recommend it becauseonce you finish the first edition, you immediately crave more.


Bad Blood

By: John Carreyrou

By 2015 beautiful blonde Therano’s founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes was at the top of her game. She had been featured on the covers of countless business periodicals and featured in lengthy television interviews. Her visionary blood testing machine had given the Stanford dropout worldwide fame, fortune and press. During Ms. Holmes meteoric rise to fame her small Silicon Valley start up was valued at more than 9 billion dollars. She just forgot to mention to the universe one little thing. Her machine never worked.

For a rather long time Elizabeth Holmes and her boyfriend Sunny Balwani had been falsely leading people to believe that they had created a scientific miracle. Countless investors including Walgreens, Safeway, Henry Kissinger, Betsy DeVos, James Mattis and George Schultz were all mesmerized by Ms. Holmes. Channeling her idol Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Holmes began to duplicate his all-black appearance and turtlenecks and even lowered her near falsetto voice to baritone levels as she convinced luminaries to invest hundreds of millions in her fake machine.

Vincent Bugliosi stated in his best-selling piece Helter Skelter that “This book will scare the hell out of you.” It’s a crying shame the late prosecution attorney didn’t live long enough to read Bad Blood. Everyone needs to read this book. It’s simply unbelievable.