Trends Exclusive Interview: Oday Shaar

Since we last caught up with Oday Shakar; he moved his West Coast operation to New York, opened a showroom in the garment district and reinvented his amazing clothing line. We had the opportunity to speak with the internationally recognized designer directly, after a smashing private cocktail party and fashion show in Paradise Valley.
Here’s what he had to say:
Why did you move your operation to New York? I wanted to totally reinvent my label and make lots of changes to my new line. The garment district proved to be the perfect place to do this.
While you still have a large evening gown collection, you’ve made lots of changes. We’ve introduced separates, jackets, knits and lots of my Arab-American influences into the new line.
You’ve put a new spin on something we used to call “Bridge.”  Exactly. I call it “Lifestyle,” an affordable collection of clothing that is meant to be worn more than once. A casual yet sophisticated collection of clothing made for everyday use.
There’re a lot of Bill Blass and Halston influences in your new line.  I wanted the ability to transform with a “less is more” attitude. Yes, both designers did influence me tremendously and when I put my own touch into the collection, the end result was very appealing.
Tell us about your retro neck lines?  Again, going back to my Middle East heritage, I wanted to incorporate beaded and bejeweled necklines, turtleneck halters and dreamy flowing and fitted fabrics.
What’s next for Oday Shakar?  Furs, lots of knits, caftans and all incorporated into some of the finest and most durable fabrics available. I think you’ll all be quite pleased. I’m here to stay!

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