May 11, 2016 by Lynne on Trends

Dear Beth & Bill,

Thank you for the honor and pleasure of being included in the most lovely luncheon today for Ashley Schufeldt.  She’s a dynamo, and you two always have your finger on what’s fresh and dynamic in our valley, and the big hearts to unite good people, good causes and community.  I am most grateful for the experience today and always grateful for the two of you!  Lynne

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by Linda on Trends

Bill,Thank you for letting me be "Queen for a Day" and all your efforts on behalf of Trends Charitable Fund. Every part of the event was classy and beautiful and I am most grateful to you.Lots of Love,

by Matthew on Trends

Dear Bill and Beth,First let me apologize for the tardiness of this note. I didn't want to send it to your office and it took a little bit to track down your home address. Thank you so much for hosting me at Beth's table. It was a very enjoyable and successful event and you both should be so proud not only for the good the event does, but also for how it also brings the community together. Than you for always being a supporter of me. I believe that community is so important.With many thanks and much love,Matthew

by Linda on Trends

Dear Bill,"Applauds - Applauds - Applauds!" What a fabulous and classy Trends Luncheon was held this year --- coming from a solid foundation of successes from previous years, with you at the helm.Thank you is such a short duo of words for what I want to express to you for honoring me and also for the "over the top" gift of a most treasured friendship ring. Knowing I share it with Beth and Libby makes its symbolism that much more precious. It was totally unexpected but most appreciated. I thank you with all my heart for being who you are and touching so many lives.I love you Lots -Linda

by Carolyn & Craig on Trends

Dear Bill,It was such a pleasure to work with you and your teAm on the Heart Ball photo shoot. We greatly appreciate the Barrett-Jackson logo on the cover of the October issue. Looking forward to seeing you soon.Best,Carolyn & Craig

by Pam & Jim on Trends
Trends publishing

Thank you so very much for the beautiful retrospect of Fresh Start in this month's Trends. Really wonderful of you to honor this o9rganization and the generous founders Pat & Bev.Looking so forward to the Gala.Your friends -

by Judy on Trends

Dear Bill,Thank you to both you and Beth for sharing your time, vision and memories with me at lunch. Your willingness to assist in my assimilation back into the Valley is most welcomed. I will definitely follow up on my tablecloth notes.With gratitude -Judy

by M on Trends

Dear Bill,Thank you so much for the two wonderful pictures from 1 wk that you included in your email blast. I very much appreciate the support and thoughts that you always extend to me.Sincerely and best always,M

by Carol on Trends

Dear BillI tried sending you a note right after the Barrett-Jackson Gala -- it came back. I am hoping this address finds you. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your coming to my aid and the kind words. It was a fun gathering until the bad foot gave out.Thank you!Carol

by Amy on Trends

Thank you for lunch with your surprise guest Cathy! It was so fun getting together with you both. I appreciate your thoughtfulness! (and let's not let that book conversation die - OK? Thanks again!See you soon...Amy

by Pat on Trends

Dear Bill,Thank you !!! Words cannot properly express my heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful coverage of the Fresh Start Gala. Than you for always going above and beyond to raise awareness for our cause through your fabulous publication.With sincere gratitude,Pat

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