Lin Sue attributes her happiness and contentment with life today to working as Director of Community Engagement at Hospice of the Valley. She wanted the job at Hospice and believed by opening her heart in prayer, God would answer her wish in his time. And that’s what happened.

She is a woman of strong faith and says, “God is at the center of my life.” “I try always to listen to his will to serve with my many gifts I’ve been given.”

She feels she had a “hard to beat” career as a newscaster and journalist. She met interesting people and loved working with colleagues at the station who become like family. And Hospice beat it!

Her focus is family and raising two teenage sons. Also, traveling more with her daughter and soon the whole family to the Holy Land.

Lue is single after 20 years of marriage. She and her children’s father are great friends and love parenting their four kids together. They always have and they always will share this joy.

Lin Sue also started a dessert company called The Sweet Shop. She and her best friend Cindy Leech are partners and make the most delicious dark chocolate pecan toffee cookies themselves for parties, holidays, and special events.

Lin Sue purchased her home in 1996 and has renovated it to be her style and signature. She says she is a “cottage girl.” The floors are wood with touches of “McKenzie Childs” influence everywhere. She says design for her must be in control like the black and white checks, charismatic McKenzie Childs. However, she loves a pop of color as a surprise.

Her home is her sanctuary and her favorite room is the kitchen. She loves to feed people. She cooks, bakes and considers herself a foodie who can eat anything and not gain weight!!!

When I asked what would surprise people about her. She replied, “People see me as the energizer bunny, active and on the go.” What she loves, is to be still and have soul rest.

She finds Hospice gives her more of these moments to treasure. And lastly, she wants more moments when she can catch her breath. “Hospice has transformed me not to be in such a rush.” “I have learned it is all about feeling, seeing, living!”

“When I was a newscaster, I did not make the world a better place; now I can, everyday!”

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