Judi Scanlon Svendsen loves making a difference for people at both happy and often difficult times in their lives.

The reasons for an estate sale vary from person to person. It can be because of a move, redecorating, death, marriage, de-cluttering, remodeling, etc. Contrary to what many think Judi says, “Estate sales can be for happy reasons.” Judi’s personal philosophy is that life does not have to stop you. Life stops when you want it to!

Judi’s background is in interior design and she had a shop for 11 years in Scottsdale Market Place called Griffin Antiques, Design and Estate Sales.

She found that when people sell things, there is a greater benefit to the sellers if the pieces are seen in their original home. The items are perceived as having greater value when viewed before they are moved. Another consideration is that the owner has more control over pricing and how their pieces are handled.

When designing the estate sale, she is careful to create an atmosphere of celebration and not dwell on any negative association with the event. She strongly believes her sales must be fun and she has a large following of people who attend her sales knowing they will be welcomed and treated well. As a matter of fact, she met her husband at one of her sales!

Many of her clients have been celebrities, however she would never divulge their names. Anonymity is key.

She has a minimum size for her estate sales and a $35,000 estimate of the contents. She has a staff of 6-15 people depending on the needs of each individual sale. She has had as many as 20 security guards to protect the safety of the merchandise and more importantly the people attending the sale.

Judi is extremely devoted to her family and friends and her new addition, a Mini-Berna-doodle.

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