Trends Charitable Fund 2018 Grant Recipient


TGen, Translational Genomics Research Institute

About TGen:

At TGen, an affiliate of City of Hope, our scientists deliver groundbreaking research with life-changing results, giving hope and answers to patients in Arizona and around the world. An affiliate of City of Hope, TGen is a Phoenix-based nonprofit biomedical research institute, where scientists and physicians work to unravel the genetic components of cancer, rare disorders, neurological diseases and infectious diseases to deliver earlier detection, smarter treatments and better outcomes.


Ovarian Cancer Research at TGen:

All women are at-risk for ovarian cancer. It is the deadliest reproductive cancer because it normally isn’t caught until late stages. In 2014, TGen led an international team of scientists and clinicians that discovered the genetic basis of a rare form of ovarian cancer (small cell carcinoma of the ovary, hypercalcemic type – SCCOHT), a highly aggressive tumor that kills two-thirds of patients within two years of diagnosis. As a result of this study, TGen has identified treatments that have shown astonishing results in lab models, and Thanks to generous donors like TRENDS, TGen will be able to bring these therapies to a clinical trial. But more can be done: This discovery may ultimately help treat women with other forms of ovarian cancer, and we desperately need to expand these efforts. Plus, TGen is also working toward developing techniques to detect ovarian cancer earlier to give our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends new hope.


TGen’s Center for Rare Childhood Disorders:

There are more than 7,000 known rare diseases, and 80 percent are believed to be caused by faulty genes. On average, patients with rare diseases will spend seven years, visit eight specialists and be misdiagnosed three times in their search for an accurate diagnosis. To end these so-called “Diagnostic Odysseys,” TGen uses advanced genomic testing to give hope and answers to these children. Since 2012, more than 550 children have had genetic testing an analysis at TGen’s Center for Rare Childhood Disorders and three-fourths of those children are from Arizona, and we have found accurate diagnoses for 40 percent of those children, versus 25 percent nationally. And we never stop searching.
Two-thirds of our patients are on Medicaid, which does not cover genomic testing. Thanks to generous gifts from organizations like TRENDS and individual donors, TGen is able to provide this testing at no cost to the family.