5 Questions for …
Shaheen Neil, Chairman, The Honor Ball 2018

In three words, how would you describe The Honor Ball?

Fun, fabulous (the décor, the gowns, the people!) and meaningful. While it is a fantastic party, The Honor Ball has a real purpose – all proceeds will benefit the projects, services and programs of the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center at HonorHealth and the HonorHealth Research Institute.

The Honor Ball is also known for paying tribute to someone special. Can you tell us who will be honored in 2018?

We are so excited to honor Ruth and Bob Lavinia, a dynamic, courageous and inspiring couple. Ruth and Bob are deeply rooted in this community with a passion to help others.
The Honor Ball also has special meaning for Ruth; she served as co-chairman in 2015 along with her good friend, Christine Watson.
They are very well known in the community for their support and leadership. In 2016, they were recognized by Trends as the “Fabulous Phoenicians.” We think they are beyond fabulous!

What is the theme for this year?

While we don’t have a designated theme, I can guarantee there will be some surprises! Color is front and center this year. You have to join us and experience it!

What does The Honor Ball mean to you?

This cause is important to me. My husband, John, is a Radiologist and we know so many people who have been impacted by cancer. Each year, more advancements are made in the treatment and care of cancer patients. This Ball enables us to take another step in stopping cancer. That’s why I’m here.

Anything our readers should know about this event that makes it so very successful year after year?

We are so grateful for the past 40+ years of support for The Honor Ball from physicians and community leaders. Their passion and commitment to the HonorHealth patients and families of the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center really speak to the enduring success of the Ball.